My assessed value (WOZ value)

My assessed value (WOZ value)

The rules for the annual valuation of all residential and non-residential properties in the Netherlands can be found in the Special Act for Real Estate Assessment (Wet Waardering Onroerende Zaken). The assessed value (WOZ value) is the market value of your real estate property on the value reference date, which is one year prior to the tax year. The assessed value is send to the taxpayer as a part of the municipal tax bill. It is the tax base of different property taxes which are levied by different government organizations.

For the 2022 tax year the value reference date is 1 January 2021.

The assessed value (WOZ-value) is used by the municipality as the tax base of the municipal property tax bill. Other government organizations are olbiged to use the same assessed value for their property taxes. Besides municipalities the following government organizations have the authority to levy property taxes:

  • the Ducth Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst);
  • the polder or waterboards.

How is the property value determined

To determine the property value the municipality looks at the sales data around the reference value date. For commercial properties the rental data will also be taken into account. The municipality also looks at characteristics of your residential property or business property, such as the:

  • location
  • surface area
  • state of repair (condition)

Would you like to know what the property value is for your own residential property, business premises or other immovable property? Or would you like to know how the value was calculated? Go to the page Look at the property value and appraisal report.

Reguesting a valuation rapport

If The municipality composes a valuation report for all valuations. On this valuation report the object characteristics of your property, as well as (for residential properties) three comparable sales, are listed. Owners and tenants can go to the municipal website and request a copy of the official valuation report for their property, using their DigiD.

Objecting against the assessed value (WOZ value) of your property

If you disagree with the assessed value listed for your property and if you can can provide good arguments to support this, you can file an objection. The objection must be made within six weeks of the original WOZ decision. Both owners and tenants can file an objection.